Foam Parties!


Foam Parties are a blast to have at your next event.

Safe – non toxic, will not hurt grass, flowers or anything growing.

Child friendly – no tears or burning of skin

Clean, Fun

FAOM Parties come with a PA/Speaker system that can be linked via blue tooth so you can play music while you party

No clean up – FOAM just melts away

Foam can be added to any wet inflatable to add even more excitement to your event

Foam parties are $ 250.00. foam last for 1-2 hours.  Additional time and FOAM can be added.

Deluxe FOAM party – includes an inflatable foam pit, and large blue tooth speaker / PA system.  350.00

Colored foam available for extra cost.  (colored foam may stain clothes, can not be used on inflatables)

How it works – Foam packet (1/2) is added to a 44 gallon container. The foam machine draws the mixture into a fan and pours out the foam. You can stop and start the foam as needed. The foam spreads and stacks.  When your done – you simply turn off the machine.  We supply you with 88 gallons of mixture. Must have water source available where you want the party.

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